Sales Negotiation Training
that Produces Extraordinary Bottom Line Results


Michael Schatzki, Sales and Purchasing Negotiation Training Expert" title="Michael Schatzki, Sales and Purchasing Negotiation Training Expert

Michael Schatzki

Sales professionals are trained to sell.
Buyers are trained to negotiate.
Sales negotiation training levels the playing field.

The Negotiation Dynamics® Sales Negotiation Training Program gives your team the tools to close highly profitable sales while still building positive, long term relationships with your customers.

This Powerful Sales Negotiation Skills Training Program Will Improve Your Profitability Immediately

Customized training – We take the time to understand your business and your team’s challenges, then deeply customize your training program to meet your needs. Remember, this is YOUR program. But don’t simply take our word for it; testimonials like this speak volumes:

“I would just like to say that the negotiation class was the best class for sales I have attended. Wish I had this 9 years ago. If we are going to continue being successful in the future I believe (in my humble opinion) that this is required training for sales and managers.”
Regional Sales Manager, Rinker Materials

A negotiation roadmap – When you conduct negotiations, how do you know what’s real and what is buyer’s smoke and mirrors? Negotiation Dynamics provides the radar you need to see through the smoke and a roadmap that guides you through the whole process, putting you on the path to a successful deal.

A powerful negotiation toolkit – Your team walks away with a full set of techniques, strategies, tactics, and approaches that immediately impact their negotiations and your company’s bottom line.

The expertise of a practicing negotiator – Your training program is created and led by Michael Schatzki, a practicing negotiator with decades of experience. Mr. Schatzki’s customized training programs also include dedicated time for questions and answers, so you get an experienced pro focusing on participants’ questions and specific needs.

The insight to achieve true win/win deals – Everyone talks about win/win, but what does it really mean? Mr. Schatzki will show your team a powerful method to negotiate hard and get the best deal possible, while still ensuring that it feels like a win/win to the customer.

Fun, interactive seminars – Your team members immediately practice what they learn in fully customized exercises, written from scratch specifically for your business and industry. Cases and exercises focus on analysis and strategic planning. Practice negotiations enable participants to test their newly acquired skills and tools in a realistic negotiating environment.

Get the Negotiation Training that Produces Extraordinary Results

The proof is repeat business. Our clients call again and again, because the Negotiation Dynamics training process produces extraordinary results that immediately improve profitability. That’s why so many of our seminars are conducted for repeat clients, including:

Du Pont – Trained over 2,100 salespeople for DuPont
EMJ – Trained the entire U.S. sales force
Hertz Rent-a-Car – Trained the entire U.S. sales force
Prudential Relocation – Trained the entire U.S. sales force

And many more satisfied customers

Sales negotiation skill training seminars
can dramatically improve your bottom line.

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