Coaching and Consulting Services


Occasionally clients encounter major negotiations where they would like some professional help. Michael Schatzki provides a full range of coaching and consulting services to help clients achieve their negotiating goals, including planning, overseeing and even conducting the negotiation. Clients determine the extent of services which can range from a single planning session to ongoing participation in the entire process.

Some examples of Mr. Schatzki’s coaching and consulting activities include:

  • Oversaw the planning of a multi-million dollar sales negotiation for a medical products firm seeking to sell blood testing products to blood banks.
  • Assisted a major utility to plan and conduct a series of negotiations with a group of small municipal power authorities. Issues included power allocation, transmission costs and infrastructure improvements.
  • Oversaw, planned and conducted a negotiation on behalf of three partners seeking to develop a joint venture with a major equipment leasing firm.
  • Assisted a marketing organization in negotiating a six year renewal of their lease.
  • Worked with an organization to sell / license mature software products to firms with the technical ability to continue to develop and upgrade the programs and the marketing ability to effectively distribute it to an expanded series of markets.
  • Assisted a manufacturing organization in negotiating a resolution to a serious conflict arising from the spin off of a division and the prices that the acquiring company would pay the seller for the raw materials needed by the acquired division.


Prepay Consulting / Coaching