Keynotes and General Session Presentations


Keynotes, general session presentations and breakout sessions are a critical part of your meeting or convention. They are one of the few times when all of those in attendance are together, listening to the same message. Mike Schatzki is a dynamic and energizing speaker who can motivate his audiences to make changes in the way they negotiate and to dramatically improve the outcomes that they achieve.

Here are some of the possible messages that you might like Mike to deliver:

  • The 1% Sales Profitability Solution: How to make small improvements in negotiating that result in big impacts to the bottom line.
  • The Worst Sales Negotiating Mistakes and How To Avoid Them: We all fall into traps at one time or another. This humorous and informative program details ways to avoid some of the most costly pitfalls.
  • Negotiation – The sales profitability tool: How to stop worrying about the price objection and start selling value in order to negotiate the price you need and have a satisfied customer.
  • Every Day Is About Negotiating: Whether you are buying a car or deciding where to go on vacation, negotiation is part of everyday living. It can be fun if you know how to do it right.
  • Untitled and Under Construction: This may be the best speech for your group. Why? Because it doesn’t exist yet. Mike has a wealth of stories, concepts, and negotiating ideas to draw upon to craft the perfect keynote for your meeting. You tell him the objective and he will build the speech that delivers the right message for your meeting!