Sales Negotiation Training that Produces Extraordinary Results for Your Team—and Your Bottom Line


Negotiation Dynamics® seminars work! Your team will negotiate more profitable sales with customers and your company will see immediate improvements to the bottom line.

Your team receives:

  1. 100% customized trainings to meet your needs
  2. Powerful negotiation skills and tools
  3. Training by a practicing negotiator
  4. Immediate success
  5. A full follow-up program

1. Highly Interactive and 100% Customized to Meet Your Needs

It’s YOUR program – Negotiation Dynamics programs are highly interactive and fully customized for your organization. We work closely with you to determine seminar content, then write all cases, exercises, and practice negotiations from scratch to meet your needs. We build in the real-world complexities and constraints your team actually faces. Participants gain knowledge and skills they can immediately use.

The customization process includes four components:

  • Research and set goals – We will work closely with you to understand your business and your negotiation needs.
  • Create original case studies and exercises – Based on interviews with you and selected team members, we will design and write case studies, exercises, and practice negotiations focusing on the specific types of negotiations your team can expect to encounter.
  • Highly interactive training – Participants will apply negotiating concepts to real-life situations through a variety of fun, interactive exercises.
  • Intensive Q&A process – We set aside time in the program to address everyone’s key concerns and challenges. At the start of the program, each table identifies key negotiating questions they want addressed by the end of the session. We post these items and then take the time throughout the program to answer everyone’s questions. This Q&A process guarantees we address participants’ real concerns. Your team members leave with solutions that immediately impact—and improve—their negotiations.

“Thank you for delivering exactly the training we wanted. We needed someone who could establish credibility and rapport with the entire group. You did. I especially appreciate the time and effort you put into researching our needs, customizing the case study, and tailoring the training to our group.”
– Manager, Organizational Development and Planning, New York State Electric and Gas

2. Powerful Negotiation Skills and Tools

Participants learn skills to achieve real bottom line results – Negotiation takes place amid the shifting sands of the real and the apparently real, the honest and misleading, the true and the bluff. But underneath these shifting sands is a clear, easily understood structure that underlies all negotiations, regardless of their complexity. Your team will learn this underlying structure, plus specific tactics and strategies for their real-world challenges.

“Even though I have been in sales for sixteen years, I walked away with a much better insight into negotiating deals. The formula you have designed for researching, analyzing, and ultimately closing deals is clear and easy to follow. I plan to incorporate this into all my account planning discussions with my team.”
– Director of Sales, Standard and Poor’s MMS International

3. Training by a Practicing Negotiator

Every seminar is designed and conducted by Michael Schatzki – Your team receives the practical and strategic experience of Michael Schatzki, Principal of Negotiation Dynamics. Mr. Schatzki has directly trained thousands of participants worldwide. A practicing negotiator, Mr. Schatzki offers a depth of understanding and breadth of knowledge gained from his consulting business, from designing negotiation programs, and from delivering seminars to a wide variety of businesses and industries. Passionate about the art of negotiation, Mr. Schatzki makes the process come alive for any audience.

“EMJ is the largest privately held metal distribution company in the country. Our schedule called for Mr. Schatzki to provide a series of programs to EMJ’s sales force from 38 U.S. locations over several months. Professional sales persons who had been in the field more than 25 years reported they had learned things about the sales/negotiation process they had never considered. Of all the sales training programs the company provided, this was the most useful and practical. Mike is among the best speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. I recommend him highly.”
– Director of Training, EMJ

4. Immediate Success

Interactive learning ensures participants can use their new skills the next day – Negotiations take place under pressure, and the stakes are real. The effective sales negotiator must be able to analyze, plan strategically, and perform in a stressful environment. We’ll introduce seminar participants to powerful new negotiating skills. But skill development requires practice. Therefore, more than half of your seminar will be devoted to skill building. Participants will learn new skills, then put them to use in a realistic negotiating environment. They’ll receive feedback on their performance and take away a set of tools and skills to immediately—and substantially—improve their negotiating performance.

“I would just like to say that the negotiation class was the best class for sales I have attended. Wish I had this 9 years ago. If we are going to continue being successful in the future I believe (in my humble opinion) that this is required training for sales and managers.”
– Regional Sales Manager, Rinker Materials

“This seminar has been a great success. When my sales people and I utilize what we have learned, the result is more profitable transactions for our corporation. Not only does it affect the bottom line, but it affects my sales peoples’ bottom line. I look forward to future seminars.”
– Sales Manager, Hertz Corporation

5. A Full Follow-up Program

All participants receive a copy of the Master Sales Negotiator audio/video follow-up program. The program includes:

  • Six hours of audio which review all the materials covered in the course.
  • An accompanying 18 page workbook.
  • The “Master Sales Negotiator” Dialogue Guide with 120 pages of what to say, when to say it, and how to say it for every conceivable sales negotiation situation.
  • A Skill Building Program which provides modules participants can use over time to enhance their skills in critical aspects of the sales negotiating process. There are 12 modules, each covering a different aspect of the negotiating process. And there is a video for each module that demonstrates exactly how to use it.
  • A Customer Application Toolkit which provides the critical negotiating tools that collectively form the backbone for successful sales negotiations. And again, there is a video that demonstrates exactly how to use each tool.


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