What Our Clients Say


Regional Sales Manager
Du Pont

“Well presented. Excellent support material. Topical information that is current and we can use today. Course should pay for itself in one week.”

Director of Sales
Standard & Poor’s MMS International

“I must admit that even though I have been in sales for over sixteen years, I walked away with a much better insight into negotiating deals and the entire process. The formula that you have designed for researching, analyzing, and ultimately closing deals is clear and easy to follow. I plan to incorporate LAS and MSP into all my future account planning discussions with my team.”

Regional Sales Manager
Rinker Materials

I would just like to say that the negotiation class was the best class for sales I have attended. Wish I had this 9 years ago. If we are going to continue being successful in the future I believe (in my humble opinion) that this is required training for sales and managers.

Director, Corporate Learning and Development

You received rave reviews from the participants. Last week Cindy was in the hallway with two other VP’s and was extolling your session and how it is helping her team. I would like to discuss with you future sessions. Delivery probably towards fall. Thanks again for your responsiveness and positive approach to exceeding our performance needs.

Director of Training

EMJ is the largest privately held metal distribution company in the country. Our schedule called for Mr. Schatzki to provide a series of programs to EMJ’s sales force from all 38 locations in the United States. This was accomplished over several months.

Professional sales persons who had been in the field more than 25 years came back and reported that they had learned things about the sales/negotiation process that they had never considered. The feedback was that of all the sales training programs that the company had provided, this was the most useful and practical. Mike is among the best speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. I would – and have – recommend him highly to anyone.

McGraw-Hill Broadcasting Company

“Thanks again for a very fine seminar last week. My group was challenged, led and prodded to a new level of efficiency. ”

Manager – Organizational Development and Planning
New York State Electric and Gas

Thank you for delivering exactly the training we wanted. We needed someone who could establish credibility and rapport with the entire group. You did. I especially appreciate the time and effort you put into researching our needs, customizing the case study and tailoring the training to our group. Please add our name to your list of satisfied clients.

Regional Sales Manager

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank you for a brilliantly executed program on Monday. The feedback was extremely positive, and I thank you for “making me look good.”

V.P., Marketing
National Grange Mutual Insurance Company

“I was truly impressed with your presentation…I have had numerous unsolicited comments from individual participants who told us this was by far the most meaningful seminar they have ever attended.”

Sales Manager
Hertz Corporation

“I believe that this seminar has been a great success. I’m finding that when both my sales people and I utilize what we have learned, the result is more profitable transactions for our corporation. Not only does it affect the bottom line, but it affects my sales peoples’ bottom line. I look forward to future seminars.”

Director of Training
SMS Corporation

“Thanks for doing a great job with the negotiation refresher for our CSM’s. I thought you might like to see the evaluations since you got all Excellents!”

Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Loram Maintenance of Way Incorporated

“I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your presenting what we feel was a ‘top shelf’ presentation. From conversations after the fact, everyone came away with an approach or approaches they planned on using in the future.”

Area Director
Eli Lily and Company

“We are putting into practice the four basic steps along with some other principles that you shared with us. Once again, thanks for attending our session and bringing these very valuable skills to our management team.”

Vice President
Sales Executive Club of New Jersey

“On behalf of the Sales Executive Club, I want to thank and compliment you for the program of November 26th. It was without doubt difficult to handle your subject in the limited time; however, you did so beautifully.”

Vice President
The Medical Center at Princeton

“Many thanks for an excellent presentation. Your talk set the stage for the two-day program and turned out to be an ideal introduction.”

Executive Director
Georgia Society of Association Executives

“On behalf of the Georgia Society of Association Executives, thank you for coming and giving a dynamite presentation. The information was well organized, well presented, and right on target. Specific participant comments include:

  • Mr. Schatzki did an excellent job — good visuals, easy to follow.
  • The speaker was excellent. Fully prepared, great handout, extremely useful information.”


Director of Professional Management
Acme, Inc.

“Just a brief note to convey my sincere appreciation for your truly superb interactive presentation….I was truly amazed at how much ground you covered in two hours and how you so successfully managed to get virtually all the participants actively involved.”