“Chamber in Action”
July 2007 Edition

Mike Schatzki, of NEGOTIATION DYNAMICS, presented an overview of his Master Sales Negotiator pro- , gram for the Chamber on April 25th at Staff Appreciation Day. I was asked to provide a critique of his program. When I agreed to this, I had no idea the depth of Mr. Schatzki’s program. Well, let me tell you, The Master Sales Negotiator program is very detailed, complete and thorough.

Step one begins with listening to 5 hours of CDs, then the real work begins! This work however, should pay big dividends if one follows the program.

Step two (after the 5 hours of CDs) entails practice with the “Applications Toolkit”, consisting of hard copy and another CD. The author and Master Negotiator even allows you to copy the tools to your computer and create a separate folder for each sales prospect. In this regard, you can use the toolkit over and over for each prospect you are going to see.

Did I mention that there is also a skill-building program? This program helps you focus on building your skill set and, yes, it is also in hard copy and yet another CD,

Finally, there are reference materials providing sample dialogs with which you may practice.

I have seen and participated in several sales training courses over the years. The Master Sales Negotiator is by far the most thorough in helping set-up and conduct the negotiation once the prospect is identified.

From my prospective, this program goes far beyond sales negotiations. It is also very helpful even if you are on the purchasing end of the deal. As author Mike Schatzki says, “Focus, practice and learn from your experiences, and you will become a great negotiator.”

The cost of the program could be the best money you ever spent. You could even save much more than the cost of the program when negotiating your next car purchase.

I give this one an A+.

George Ditzler
President & CEO
TeamLink HR

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