Feel in control of EVERY negotiation and
add thousands of dollars to your
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“Sales professionals are trained to sell.
Buyers are trained to negotiate.”
Guess who wins?

When you become a “Master Sales Negotiator,” you will. You’ll know exactly how to conduct EVERY sales negotiation. You’ll be in control and you’ll add thousands of dollars to your own bottom line.

  • You’ll make a lot more money … every time.
  • You can’t be intimidated, and you won’t be tricked.—You’ll recognize buyer’s ploys and know just what to do.
  • You’ll feel in control of the situation.—Buyers’ games will roll off you like water off a duck’s back.
  • You’ll stay 3 or 4 moves ahead.—Negotiation is about recognizing patterns and thinking a few moves ahead, just like playing checkers or chess. You’ll build your vocabulary of negotiation patterns so you can recognize buyers’ tactics and ploys—and stay steps ahead of them.
  • You’ll be a tough negotiator while creating win-win relationships.—You’ll be able to close profitable deals while managing customers’ perceptions and building positive, long-term relationships.

Michael Schatzki, Sales and Purchasing Negotiation Training Expert" title="Michael Schatzki, Sales and Purchasing Negotiation Training Expert

From: Mike Schatzki, creator of “The Master Sales Negotiator”

Dear Fellow Sales Professional,

Buyers are skilled negotiators. They have dozens of negotiation tricks and tactics in their back pockets. Without a roadmap to navigate through their moves, you’re at huge disadvantage. It’s easy to get undermined, caught in their web, and forced to make concessions to close the sale. However…

As a Master Sales Negotiator, you can predict every buyer’s next move, win the negotiation, and close the sale on your terms.

That’s because buyers follow a pattern — they’re not smarter than you.

When get your hands on my revolutionary system – “The Master Sales Negotiator” – you’ll have the “X-ray vision” you need to see through their tricks and recognize their patterns. You’ll spot their tactics and ploys from a mile away — and you’ll always be several steps ahead. Just like a champion chess player.

  1. As Principal of Negotiation Dynamics® for more than 20 years, here are some of salespeople I’ve turned into master negotiators:
    • Over 2,100 salespeople for DuPont
    • The entire U.S. sales force for Loctite
    • The entire U.S. sales force for Hertz Rent-a-Car
    • The entire U.S. sales force for EMJ Steel
    • The entire U.S. sales force for Prudential Relocation
    • Because my negotiation system is so powerful, these clients call me back again and again to train their sales people. For example, DuPont was so ecstatic with my two-day Negotiation Boot Camp, they brought me back on 121 separate occasions to bulletproof their salespeople.
  2. I’ve delivered hundreds of negotiation seminars in the United States, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.
  3. I’ve trained thousands of salespeople and buyers alike, so I’m privy to the negotiation secrets of both sides. Yes, that’s right, I’ve also trained thousands of buyers around the world. So I know how buyers think. There are some very smart buyers out there. Many are real negotiating pros. If you want to have the edge, you have to know what they know to stay one step ahead.

Always behind closed doors

Until now, only employees of DuPont, Hertz, Prudential, and my other corporate clients were privy to my negotiation secrets.

My training programs are always conducted behind closed doors. My secrets weren’t available to the public at any price.

Now – for the first time ever – I’m releasing my proprietary system to sales professionals and small business owners. The Master Sales Negotiator is a proven, easy-to-use, comprehensive system, honed by decades of in-the-trenches experience as a practicing negotiator, trainer and consultant.

My negotiation secrets are absolutely guaranteed to make you a negotiation superstar – or they cost you nothing.

In “The Master Sales Negotiator,” you’ll learn:

  • How to deal with a buyer’s ambush negotiation.
  • How to win telephone negotiations. (It’s not about your tone of voice.)
  • What to do with buyers who say “You’ll have to do better.” (Giving them more will just whet their appetite for even bigger concessions.)
  • How to deal with the angry buyer; how to sort out whether the anger is about something real or just a tactical maneuver.



  • How to negotiate a price increase.
  • How to get inside the buyer’s head and understand what he or she is really up to.
  • What to do if you unexpectedly find yourself confronted by a large customer team. (Often this will actually help you.)

  • How to deal with the buyer’s “hovering pen.”
  • When you can walk out of the negotiation without risking the sale.
  • How to deal with cherry-picking tactics.
  • When “split the difference” can be dangerous.
  • How to negotiate price increases.
  • How to parlay your added value into big gains, even when the buyer says that price is the only issue.
  • What to do with buyers who say “Give me your best price.”
  • How to use asymmetrical trades to turn a negotiation around.
  • How to deal with silence. (The old adage that “the first person to talk loses” isn’t true.)
  • How to fight the good guy/bad guy tactic. (It’s about tracking the behavior of the “good guy.”)
  • How to quickly and effectively strategize a negotiation so you’ll always feel in control.
  • What to do with buyers who say “Don’t talk about your added value. Talk to me about price.”
  • How to be really tough when you negotiate price and other issues and still end up with a complete and total win-win. (It’s all about the psychology of negotiation.)
  • What to do when buyers play “change the negotiator.”
  • How to deal with the “what if” ploy.
  • How to come out ahead even when you start in a weak position.
  • What to do when the buyer says “your prices are so high, you’re not even in the ballpark.”
  • How to deal with the buyer who is playing dumb.
  • What to do with buyers who say “Your competition is much lower. You’ll have to come down a long way if you want the business.”
  • What to do when the buyer says “we just don’t have it in the budget.”
  • How to deal with buyer end runs.
  • How to find and use negotiating allies in the buyer’s organization.
  • How to deal with all the other tools in the buyer’s bag of tricks.
  • And so much more.

In the “The Master Sales Negotiator” I’ve given you everything that I’ve learned in a lifetime of negotiating, consulting with clients to help them navigate and succeed with their most challenging negotiations, and training sales professionals and buyers how to become top-notch negotiators.

Before you know it, the “The Master Sales Negotiator” system will become second nature for you. You’ll be amazed how fast you will become a masterful negotiator.

Get “The Master Sales Negotiator” and get immediate results.

Here’s to closing more profitable deals.



“Your program helped me increase my commissions. … Thank you for the raise.”

“Mike, I want to let you know how much the Master Sales Negotiator program has helped me increase my commissions and the amount of profit earned for my company.

Thank you for the raise.”
Lewis Hoffman, Sales Representative, Master’s Medical Equipment (read more)

“The Master Sales Negotiator Program has lead to increased sales revenues”

“The Master Sales Negotiator Program has lead to increased sales revenues. It has basically changed the thought process of our marketing and sales management. We look at things differently and we use the language of the program…

Every one of our 134 industrial sales people have been given the Master Sales Negotiator Program CD training program. In addition, we have incorporated the program into our new sales training program and every new sales person receives a copy.”

Kevin Boyle, Vice President Channel Management & Distribution, Henkel Loctite Corporation (read more)

I give this one an A+

The Master Sales Negotiator program is very detailed, complete and thorough.

I have seen and participated in several sales training courses over the years. The Master Sales Negotiator is by far the most thorough in helping set-up and conduct the negotiation once the prospect is identified.

I give this one an A+.

George Ditzler, President & CEO, TeamLink HR (read more)



“The Master Sales Negotiator” is like attending a one-on-one seminar with Mike Schatzki—and being mentored directly by him!

You receive:

The Core Program—A 5-CD Audio Program Presenting “The Master Sales Negotiator” System, Plus an Accompanying 18 Page Workbook. (You Also Receive the Audio Program in MP3 Format.)

Disk 1 – This disk focuses the core tools that you need to be an effective sales negotiator. First you need a visual picture of what’s going to penetrate the smoke and mirrors of a negotiation. Then, you’ll learn about the four key sources of information that you need to access in order to strategize the negotiation and be in control. And I show you how the buyer really evaluates you versus your competitor and how to use the buyer’s added value matrix.

I’ve also taken the most frequently asked questions from my sales negotiation seminars and answer them for you at the end of each disk. On disk 1, I answer questions related to telephone negotiations, negotiating with large customer teams, building relationships with difficult buyers, and what to do when the buyer says “give me your best price.” (68 minutes)

Track #1 – Introduction
Track #2 – Sierra MRO Distributing Case
Track #3 – Program Overview
Track #4 – The Fundamental Exchange
Track #5 – The Power of 1% Negotiating
Track #6 – The Real Secret to Negotiating Success
Track #7 – The Settlement Range
Track #8 – Finding the Customer’s Least Acceptable Settlement
Track #9 – The Buyer’s LAS in a Competitive World
Track #10 – The Buyer’s Added Value Matrix
Track #11 – Information to Find
Track #12 – Information to Find Source #1
Track #13 – Information to Find Source #2
Track #14 – Information to Find Source #3
Track #15 – Information to Find Source #4
Track #16 – FAQ – Are There Different Approaches for Telephone Negotiations?
Track #17 – FAQ – How Do You Negotiate with a Large Customer Team?
Track #18 – FAQ – How Do You Build Relationships with Difficult Buyers?
Track #19 – FAQ – What Do You Do When the Buyer Says “Give me your best price?”

Disk 2 – On this disk, you’ll learn about the negotiating cycle and see how it interfaces with the sales cycle. Then we get into the psychology of negotiation and focus on managing the customer’s perceptions, patience, and building relationships during a tough negotiation. I show you how you can have a total win-win while still being a tough and effective negotiator. Then we start looking at how to use problem solving tools to your advantage during negotiations. The disk ends with more frequently asked questions. (67 minutes)

Disk 2 Track List.

Track #1 – Negotiating Cycle
Track #2 – The Maximum Supportable Position
Track #3 – The Total Information Situation
Track #4 – Managing Their Perceptions of Your LAS
Track #5 – Patience
Track #6 – Tracking Time in a Negotiation
Track #7 – The Negotiation Deadlock Process
Track #8 – Building Relationships
Track #9 – Creating the Win/Win Outcome
Track #10 – Problem Solving Negotiations
Track #11 – FAQ – What Do You Do with Customers Who Never Reach Their Volume Targets?
Track #12 – FAQ – How Do You Deal with an Ambush Negotiation?
Track #13 – FAQ – When Should One Do an End Run?
Track #14 – FAQ – How Do You Handle a Buyer Who Is Fixated on One Particular Item?
Track #15 – FAQ – How Does Bidding Relate to the Negotiation Process?

Disk 3 – On this disk, we focus on concession strategies. How you handle the concession process can make or break your negotiation. There are many traps and pitfalls and you have to learn to recognize them and stay clear. You’ll learn a variety of concession strategies and how to analyze key concession patterns. Then we look at tactics the buyer might use against you and that you could use effectively with the buyer. The disk ends with more frequently asked questions (66 minutes)

Disk 3 Track List.

Track #1 – Asymmetrical Trades – 1
Track #2 – Asymmetrical Trades – 2
Track #3 – Asymmetrical Trades – 3
Track #4 – Concession Strategies
Track #5 – The Yes If… Strategy
Track #6 – Justifying Concessions
Track #7 – Concession Patterns
Track #8 – Split the Difference
Track #9 – The LAS Magnet
Track #10 – Introduction to Tactics
Track #11 – Authority Limits
Track #12 – Strawman
Track #13 – FAQ – What Do You Do if You Don’t Have Any Added Value?
Track #14 – FAQ – What Do You Do If Your Boss Wants to Get Involved in the Negotiation?
Track #14- FAQ – How Do You Negotiate a Price Increase?

Disk 4 – This disk is devoted entirely to tactics. I analyze and dissect the old standards such as good guy/bad guy, final offer and broken record. You’ll also learn to recognize subtle tactics that can trip you up such as policy and resource limits, playing from the weak position, the “what if” tactic, linkage and separation and many more. An of course, more frequently asked questions. (67 minutes)

Disk 4 Track List.

Track #1 – Good Guy – Bad Guy
Track #2 – Policy and Resource Limits
Track #3 – Where to Negotiate and How to Set the Stage
Track #4 – Speed Up
Track #5 – Leaked Information
Track #6 – Playing from the Weak Position
Track #7 – Final Offer
Track #8 – Broken Record
Track #9 – Playing Dumb
Track #10 – Change the Negotiator
Track #11 – Unpredictability
Track #12 – The “What If” Tactic
Track #13 – The Hovering Pen and the Nibble
Track #14 – Signaling
Track #15 – Linkage and Separation
Track #16 – Agreement in Principle
Track #17 – Focal Points
Track #18 – Fair and Logical
Track #19 – Acting
Track #20 – FAQ – Is There Ever a Time That One Should Walk Out of a Negotiation?
Track #21 – FAQ – What Do You Do if a Customer Says They Will Sue over a Product They Claim Does Not Work?

Disk 5 – On this disk, we focus on how you strategize and plan your sales negotiation with the customer. Here’s where we put all the pieces together. You’ll learn how to develop a complete, coherent negotiation strategy that has all the pieces you need for effective negotiation. I’ll also show you how to “flex plan” so you can adjust and react effectively as things change and the unexpected arises. You’ll learn how to put it all together so you can walk into the negotiation with total confidence, take control, and walk out with a great deal. (62 minutes)

Disk 5 Track List.

Track #1 – Face Saving
Track #2 – Helping the Other Party Sell the Agreement to Their Organization
Track #3 – Emotions
Track #4 – Caucuses
Track #5 – Silence
Track #6 – Body Language
Track #7 – Cherry Picking
Track #8 – Planning the Negotiation
Track #9 – Non-Price Settlement Ranges
Track #10 – Customer Added Value Matrix in Detail
Track #11 – The Four Categories of Added Value
Track #12 – The Brutally Honest Added Value Differentiation List
Track #13 – Raising the Customer’s LAS
Track #14 – The Planning Agenda
Track #15 – Team Planning
Track #16 – Flex Plan
Track #17 – FAQ – What Do You Do about Deal Breakers?
Track #18 – FAQ – What Do You Do when Customers Cherry Pick Your Included Services?
Track #19 – Conclusion


The Skill Building Program and Video CD

The Skill Building Program provides modules you can use over time to enhance your skills in critical aspects of the sales negotiating process. There are 12 modules, each covering a different aspect of the negotiating process. You receive a hard copy of each of these modules. But that is not all. You also receive a data CD that contains a copy of each module for you to copy to your computer. And there is a video on the CD for each module. In the video, I demonstrate exactly how to use each module. It is like having me next to you, coaching you through the process.

The Customer Application Toolkit and Video CD

Throughout the “Master Sales Negotiator” program, I refer to a number of critical negotiating tools that collectively form the backbone for successful customer negotiations. You receive a hard copy of each of these tools and a data CD that contains a copy of each tool. There are 12 Customer Application Tools in all. You copy a set of the tools to your hard disk to use with each customer with whom you will be negotiating. And again, there is a video on the CD for each tool where I coach you through the process of using the toolkit with each customer.

The Quick Reference Chart

You’ll quickly internalize the key concepts of the “Master Sales Negotiator.” They’ll become automatic and second nature. However, in the beginning, it’s good to have a cheat sheet! You receive an 8.5 x 11″ card that covers the key negotiation points and concepts in outline form. You also receive a smaller version of the quick reference chart in a wallet-sized card that you can carry with you.

A Full Transcript of the 5-CD Program

You also receive a full transcript of the 5-CD set. Each CD is divided into approximately 20 tracks so it’s easy to maneuver around and refer back to specific tracks you want to hear again. The transcript helps you quickly review key points or take notes as you listen to the CDs.


Each program comes with a Roadmap to walk you through the process. Click here to see the roadmap.

SUPER BONUS # 1The “Master Sales Negotiator” Dialogue Guide

In my sales negotiation training programs, salespeople often ask me “how would you say that to a customer?” Over the years, I’ve developed hundreds of scripts you can use when you’re actually talking to and negotiating with your customer. I’ve collected them all here in this incredible bonus. You get 120 pages of what to say, when to say it, and how to say it for every conceivable negotiation situation.

SUPER BONUS # 2Five Sales Negotiation Simulations

For every sales negotiation course I conduct, I create negotiation simulation exercises that are customized specifically to the needs of each individual client. Over the years, several clients have generously allowed me take their custom simulations, disguise them a bit, and use them when I give seminars for industry associations. As a special bonus, you receive five of the best simulations.

The simulations give you an ideal opportunity to practice everything you’ve learned with the “Master Sales Negotiator.” Simulations give you something you can never get in real-world customer negotiations. When you finish a simulation, you exchange confidential information with your partner. Now you get to compare what was really going on with what you thought was going on. This can be a mind-boggling experience! If your negotiating partner was able to fool you, you can dissect what happened and how it happened—and be sure that you’ll never fall into the same trap again.


Every day you wait is money out of your pocket!

Your investment is only $297


Place your order today to receive your two FREE BONUSES:

SUPER BONUS # 1 – The “Master Sales Negotiator” Dialogue Guide

SUPER BONUS # 2 – Five real world sales negotiation simulations


Use The Master Sales Negotiator system for 6 months. Keep a record of your negotiations. You know what you would have given away in the past. Compare that to your actual results, then add up the total impact to your personal bottom line.

If you don’t add thousands of dollars to your personal bottom line during that period, or for any reason you don’t find yourself thrilled with my system, I insist that you send it back for a prompt 100% refund of your money. No questions. No hassles. You have absolutely no risk … only the opportunity to add thousands of dollars to your personal bottom line.

But I’ll go even further. Even if you return my system, the two Super Bonuses are yours to keep.


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