Dear Mike,

Here is some feedback on the Master Sales Negotiator Program now that we have had time to learn the concepts and put them to use.

First and most important, there is no question that the Master Sales Negotiator Program has lead to increased sales revenues. It has basically changed the thought process of our marketing and sales management. We look at things differently and we use the language of the program. For example, when discussing a pricing situation we regularly ask ” what should our MSP and LAS be ”

Second, we have become convinced that negotiation skills is an essential element to our overall sales skill training program. Every one of our 134 industrial sales people have been given the Master Sales Negotiator Program CD training program. In addition, we have incorporated the program into our new sales training program and every new sales person receives a copy.

Finally, it is important to stress that there is no magic pill for becoming a successful negotiator. It takes some work. The Master Sales Negotiator Program provided the road map and the tools that we needed. Our people have done the work and the results have been extremely positive.

Kevin Boyle
Vice President Channel Management & Distribution
Henkel Loctite Corporation